pokhara & chitwan, nepal

My plan after Everest was to head straight back to India. But trekking for 2 weeks straight took a toll on me, and India is the opposite of relaxing. So I stayed for about 2 more weeks in Nepal, and I’m so happy I did. Pokhara, a lakeside hippie town, was the perfect place to do lots of nothing all day. The sunsets were gorgeous, scooters were pretty cheap to rent and easy to drive around as it wasn’t too busy there. And Himalayan Cafe had the best banana lassis I’ve tried yet. And Chitwan was beautiful, lush and green; I soaked in the flora and fauna knowing that the next 3 weeks in India were going to be filled with dirty cities and barren deserts.

There’s not really much to write about, and I was really bad about taking pictures. But here are a few lovely moments I captured. All I can say is that both Pokhara and Chitwan are absolute musts if you get the chance to visit Nepal. (And for the record, I don’t recommend Kathmandu other than as a jumping off point for trekking the Everest region, it’s just another dirty, busy city).




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